Table 2.

Genes associated with eGFRcrea in EA participants from gene-based analyses meeting chip-wide significance thresholds (P<2.5×10−6)

GeneaChrcMAFN VariantsbT1cSKATd
βSEMP ValueP Value
  • Chr, chromosome; cMAF, cumulative MAF used in analysis; SKAT, sequence kernel association test.

  • a Gene name.

  • b Number of variants used in analysis.

  • c The standard burden test collapses the variants with MAF<1% into a single variable and tests the association between this variable with a phenotype.30

  • d The SKAT aggregates individual variant score test statistics.32

  • e Meets chip-wide significant threshold, P<2.5×10−6.

  • f Gene-based association results driven by one variant.

  • g Novel gene.