Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of participants

CharacteristicOverall, n=119GC Group, n=55TAC Group, n=63
Women, n (%)52 (43.7)26 (46.4)26 (41.3)
Age at enrollment, yr29.3±10.928.6±10.029.9±12.0
Duration of disease, d18.2±17.316.1±18.320.1±16.3
Proteinuria, g/d7.4±4.07.8±3.87.1±4.1
Serum albumin, g/L17.5±5.017.3±4.717.7±5.3
SCr, μmol/La71.1±19.472.7±20.769.6±18.2
eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2b121.6±33.2120.3±34.7122.8±31.9
BP, mmHg
Hypertension, n (%)12 (10.5)6 (11.5)6 (9.7)
Weight, kg63.6±10.764.4±11.062.9±10.4
Body mass index, kg/m223.3±3.323.4±2.923.2±3.6
Fasting blood sugar, mmol/L4.7±0.64.7±0.74.7±0.5
Serum cholesterol, mmol/L10.1±3.49.8±2.910.4±3.8
Serum triglyceride, mmol/L2.3±1.22.4±1.22.3±1.3
Serum LDL, mmol/L6.8±2.86.6±2.66.9±2.9
Serum uric acid, μmol/L359.1±100.5358.9±101.4359.2±100.5
  • Values are expressed as the mean±SD or number (percentage).

  • a To convert creatinine values to milligrams per deciliter, multiply by 0.0113.

  • b The GFR was estimated using the four–variable Modification of Diet in Renal Disease Study equation: GFR=186×SCr(−1.154)× age(−0.203)×1.212 (if black) ×0.742 (if woman).