Table 2.

Dialysis treatment data and laboratory parameters for HD and HDF study sessions

Treatment and Patient ParametersHDHDFP Value
Dialysis treatment data
 IDWG, % body weight2.13 (0.90–3.6)2.0 (1.4–3.47)0.38
 Blood flow rate, ml/min365 (350–387)365 (352–389)0.82
 Substitution volume, Ln/a23.0±2.5
 UF rate, ml/kg per h3.8±2.94.4±2.50.29
 UF volume, L1.1±0.71.3±0.60.41
 SBP, mmHg
 DBP, mmHg
 Tympanic temperature pre- to postdialysis, °C−1.0±0.4−1.0±0.40.98
 No. of IDH episodes01
Blood sample data
 Hemoglobin, g/L119.5±7120.8±30.60
 URR, %74.6±975.6±90.28
 Bicarbonate, mmol/L24 (21–25)23.5 (22–24.7)0.83
 Adjusted calcium, mmol/L2.38±0.132.48±0.110.09
 Phosphate, mmol/L1.43±0.381.47±0.310.69
 PTH, ng/L191.0 (146.8–49.3)200 (139–307.8)0.52
 Magnesium, mmol/L0.98±0.141.03±0.150.10
 nT-proBNP, ng/L2145 (1102–3379)1512 (1026–2261)0.05
 Predialysis cTnT, ng/L64.7±7062.4±580.65
 Postdialysis cTnT, ng/L53.8±5737.3±320.04
 Predialysis sodium, mmol/L140.5±0.7140.6±0.50.68
 Postdialysis sodium, mmol/L139.0±0.5138.8±0.40.74
  • Data are presented as means±SEM or medians (interquartile range). IDWG, interdialytic weight gain; n/a, not applicable; UF, ultrafiltration; DBP, diastolic BP; URR, urea reduction ratio; PTH, parathyroid hormone; nT-proBNP, n-terminal–pro brain naturetic peptide; cTnt, troponin T.