Table 3.

AEs and serious AEs for GC and TAC therapy

AEsGC Group (128 Reports, 49 Patients), n=56TAC Group (81 Reports, 43 Patients), n=63
 Urinary tract infection34
 Female genital tract infection11
 Upper respiratory infection1312
 Lower respiratory tract infection2 (1 SAE)2
 Abdominal cavity infection1 (1 SAE)
Gastrointestinal symptoms89
Hepatotoxicity13 (1 SAE)10 (1 SAE)
AKI4 (1 SAE)3 (1 SAE)
New-onset hypertension104
Metabolic disorder
 New–onset glucose intolerance64
 New–onset diabetes mellitus3 (2 SAE)
 New-onset hyperuricemia611
Electrolyte disorder32
Menstrual disorders4
Psychiatry/neurology4 (1 SAE)3
Cushing syndrome20
Symptoms of skin, muscle, and joint
 Cutaneous ulcer1
 Purple stripes5
  • SAE, serious adverse event.