Table 6.

Cox regression analysis (univariate) assessment of biomarkers for prediction of allograft loss due to CPR versus other causes

Serum BiomarkerRR (95% CI)P Valueβ/SEM
 IgA, mg/mlNS (0.12)
 Norm Gd-IgA1, %NS
 Total Gd-IgA1,U/mlNS
 IgG, mg/mlNS
 Norm IgG-autoAb, ODNS
 Total IgG-autoAb, U/mlNS
 Norm IgA-autoAb, OD2.34 (0.94 to 5.84)NS (0.07)+1.82
 Total IgA-autoAb, U/ml1.41 (1.10 to 1.81)<0.01+2.67
  • Thirty-four recipients lost their allograft: 17 due to CPR and 17 due to other causes. β/SEM indicates the weight of the covariate with increasing (+) and decreasing (−) the risk. Gd-IgA1 is the major autoantigen. Norm, normalized.