Table 7.

Multivariate Cox regression analysis for prediction of CPR event (n=34) with significant clinical and biologic covariates in the recipients (n=96)

CovariatesRR (95% CI)P Valueβ/SEM
No ALG induction3.16 (0.96 to 10.39)0.06 (NS)+1.89
Native kidney disease duration <16 yr2.27 (0.89 to 5.76)0.08 (NS)+1.72
Recipient age <49 yr2.17 (0.95 to 4.96)0.07 (NS)+1.84
Norm IgG-autoAb, OD2.96 (1.31 to 6.70)<0.01+2.60
  • β/SEM indicates the weight of the covariate with increasing (+) and decreasing (−) the risk; native kidney disease duration indicates the interval from onset of clinical manifestations of native disease to first RRT. Norm, normalized.