Table 1.

Association findings for SNP rs116907128, which lies within the 2q11.2–q14.1 locus identified by admixture mapping

StudyAllelesA allele frequencyUACRaeGFR
P ValueType 2 DiabetesDiabetic Nephropathyb
β (SEM)P ValueORP ValueOR (95% CI)P Value
HCHS/SOL studyA/C0.140.11 (0.02)1.5 × 10−70.970.990.79NA
Full-heritage Pima IndianscA/C0.540.32 (0.13)9.6 × 10−30.851.070.331.22 (1.01 to 1.48)0.04
  • OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; NA, not available.

  • a Test for heterogeneity estimated from HCHS/SOL Hispanics/Latinos and Pima Indians not significant (Q=2.55 on 1 degrees of freedom; P=0.11).

  • b Diabetic nephropathy defined as case (UACR≥300 mg/g or ESRD; n=398) versus control (UACR<300 mg/g; n=1251) for a total of n=1649.

  • c UACR (n=1568); eGFR (n=1552); type 2 diabetes (total n=3699; 1724 cases; and 1975 controls).