Table 5.

Patients with BS type 3: Comparison between patients with CKD and patients with normal GFR

VariableCKD Stages 2–5, n=19eGFR>90 ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=58P Value
Birth weight, g3200 (2810–3450)102995 (2530–3380)240.50
Age at diagnosis, yr0.41 (0.16–8.00)1.45 (0.39–15.75)0.18
Age at last follow-up, yr20 (12–42)13 (6–26)0.02
NSAIDs, n (%)Yes14 (79)29 (50)0.10
No5 (21)29 (59)
Treatment duration, yr5.2 (3.2–14.25)26 (3.3–9.2)30.53
Other renal and urological abnormalities (excluding nephrocalcinosis)Yes540.24
Hypokalemia <3 with treatmentYes8201
  • Quantitative values are expressed as medians and interquartile intervals. Superscript values correspond to the number of missing data. NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.