Table 1.

Plasma electrolytes and renal function assessment in WT, CA-SPAK, and SPAK KO on control diet

ElectrolytesWT, n=12CA-SPAK, n=12SPAK KO, n=10
 Na+, mmol/L144.4±0.8143.8±0.9144.7±0.8
 K+, mmol/L3.86±0.324.82±0.44a3.46±0.35a
 Cl, mmol/L108.6±0.8115.2±1.2a107.4±0.6
 HCO3, mmol/L23.97±0.4719.89±0.71a25.39±0.46a
 BUN, mg/dl23.6±0.321.6±0.4a28.0±0.3a
 Plasma renin activity, ng/ml per h27.9±2.715.8±3.2a50.8±4.2a
 24-h Urine aldosterone, pmol16.7±1.619.3±2.422.6±1.1a
 FENa, %0.69±0.130.62±0.120.64±0.18
 FEK, %21.47±3.1110.33±1.72a29.62±2.38a
 FECl, %1.18±0.271.01±0.32a1.85±0.29
 Creatinine clearance, μl/min251.8±17.2233.5±19.9230.7±18.9
  • One-way ANOVA with post hoc multiple group comparisons via Tukey tests. FENa, fractional excretion of sodium; FEK, fractional excretion of potassium; FECl, fractional excretion of chloride.

  • a P<0.05 relative to the WT is considered significant.