Table 5.

Discrimination and reclassification of renal end point by biomarkers in VA-NEPHRON-D

ModelRenal Outcomes
Clinical model alone0.6800.024NANANANA
Clinical model plus each biomarker individually
 TNFR-10.722a 0.0220.5330.0810.0240.006
 Clinical model plus all biomarkers0.752a0.0210.5670.0820.0520.009
  • Clinical model=treatment arm, baseline eGFR, albuminuria, age, race, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and medications. AUC, area under receiver operative curve; NRI, net reclassification index; IDI, integrated discriminant index; NA, not applicable or not available.

  • a P value for Delong test comparing biomarker plus clinical model to clinical model alone was <0.05.