Table 1.

Characteristics of living donors in the United States, 1987–2014

CharacteristicNo ESRDESRD
Median (IQR) yr of donation2004 (1999–2010)1995 (1991–2000)
Median (IQR) age at donation40 (31–48)38 (30–48)
Median (IQR) BMI at donation, kg/m2a26.6 (23.7–29.7)28.9 (24.4–31.4)
Men, %40.760.4
Black, %12.534.4
First-degree biologically related to recipient, %59.485.6
 Sibling of recipient29.946.8
 Child of recipient16.018.2
 Parent of recipient13.520.9
  • a BMI at donation and relationship to recipient were missing for 31.0% of donors and 0.7% of donors, respectively. Missingness of BMI was primarily due to incomplete reporting before 1999. In regression analyses, multiple imputation was used to account for missing data.