Table 4.

Cost of access-related procedures in patients with an initial AVG, a successful AVF, or a failed AVF

ParameterAVGAVF-SAVF-FP ValueP Value
AVF-S versus AVGAVF-F versus AVF-S
No. of patients113190105
Percutaneous procedures, median $/yr [IQR]2438 [444–4593]1438 [0–3527]2892 [1277–5518]<0.01<0.001
Surgical access procedures, median $/yr [IQR]2819 [1411–4274]4675 [2277–8234]5501 [2948–10,281]<0.0010.03
Hospitalization for CRB, median $/yr [IQR]0 [0–7171]0 [0–2020]5693 [1908–16,361]0.06<0.001
Total access-related cost, median $/yr [IQR]6810 [3718–13,651]8146 [4014–14,397]16,652 [9938–33,053]0.46<0.001
  • AVF-S, successful arteriovenous fistula; AVF-F, failed arteriovenous fistula.