Table 1.

Distribution by selected characteristics of adult patients on dialysis with continuous enrollment in Medicare Part A, B, and D, 2006–2010

Characteristicsa2006, n=100,809, %2007, n=133,323, %2008, n=140,174, %2009, n=143,217, %2010, n=153,758, %
Opioid prescription
 Short term43.142.441.541.040.6
Analgesic prescription
Age group, yr
Dual statusb
Residential area
 Large metropolitan52.050.951.051.251.3
 Medium/small metropolitan28.929.729.729.829.7
ESRD vintage, yr
Dialysis modalityc
History of kidney transplantation
Nursing home residenced
Prior pain-related hospitalization
No. of prior hospitalizations
 5 or more11.910.511.010.810.2
  • a The same patient might have been included in multiple years.

  • b Dual status in Medicare and Medicaid.

  • c The last modality in the study year.

  • d On the basis of one or more claims in physician/carrier files.

  • e On the basis of one or more inpatient stays with a cancer diagnosis and CMS Form 2728.