Table 5.

Results of the multivariate multinomial logistic regression showing the features available at onset that independently predict the clusters adopting a significance P value threshold of 0.001

FeaturePrevalence, %Group Versus ReferenceaβRR (eβ)P Value
No. of alternative pathway abnormalitiesb45:124−2.30.10<0.001
Serum C3c23:614−2.00.14<0.001
Intramembranous highly electron-dense deposits1633.844<0.001
Glomerular C1q deposits ≥1+3823.225.2<0.001
  • Only associations with a P<0.001 are shown. RR, relative risk.

  • a The group with the greatest number of patients (cluster 1) was taken as the reference group.

  • b Abnormalities include the alleles with LPVs and C3NeFs; the prevalence rates of patients with one and two abnormalities are reported.

  • c Serum C3 subdivided as normal (≥90 mg/dl), low (between ≥50 and <90 mg/dl), and very low (<50 mg/dl); the prevalence rates of patients with low and very low C3 are reported.