Table 1.

Fold change and gene rank expression data for ShcA in control individuals (n=21, n=31, n=9) and patients with FSGS (n=25, n=17), IgAN (n=27, n=25) or MCD (n=14, n=14, n=7)

Disease GroupData SetProbe IdentificationTissue Subset% Top OEGene Rank/Total GenesFold ChangeP Value
FSGSJu CKD6464Glom3392/17,3792.286<0.001
Ju CKDTubInt91491/17,3792.1470.01
IgANJu CKD6464Glom4546/17,3792.333<0.001
Ju CKDTubInt121979/17,3792.1160.03
MCDJu CKD6464Glom162634/17,3792.120<0.08
Ju CKDTubInt294975/17,3792.021<0.35
Hodgin FSGSHs.81972.0.AGlom2268/19,1392.5700.01
  • Dataset obtained from ShcA overexpression is observed in both glomerular (Glom) and tubulointerstitial (TubInt) regions, but is greater in glomerular regions. OE, overexpressed.