Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of ARIC participants at visit 1 (1987–1989), by race/APOL1 status

White ParticipantsBlack APOL1 Low-Risk ParticipantsBlack APOL1 High-Risk Participants
Age, yr (mean)54.954.0a53.5a
Female, %52.762.1a63.2a
Body mass index, kg/m2 (mean)27.029.6a29.6a
Systolic BP, mmHg (mean)118.5128.3a128.9a
Diabetes, %7.217.2a16.6a
Hypertension, %27.355.0a57.1a
Prior CHD event, %5.33.9a4.8
eGFRcr, ml/min per 1.73 m2 (mean)99.4111.2a110.4a
eGFRcr<60 ml/min per 1.73 m2, %1.02.1a2.3a
LDL cholesterol, mg/dl (mean)137.7138.0135.3
HDL, mg/dl (mean)50.454.9a55.6a
Triglycerides, mg/dl (mean)138.1114.8a108.9a
On aspirin, %52.729.4a31.0a
On statin, %0.70.3a0.4
Smoking status
 Current, %24.729.4a33.6a
 Former, %35.424.2a22.5a
 Never, %39.946.2a43.9a
Annual family income <$25,000, %25.463.3a64.4a
Non-high school graduate, %17.140.2a42.8a
  • CHD, coronary heart disease; eGFRcr, eGFR based on creatinine.

  • a P<0.05 for comparison with the white subgroup. There were no statistically significant differences between blacks by APOL1 risk group.