Table 4.

Characteristics associated with GSG volume in living kidney donors compared with patients who underwent a tumor nephrectomy

Clinical CharacteristicUnadjustedTest for Interaction
Kidney Donors (n=268)Patients with Renal Tumor (n=632)
% DifferenceP Value% DifferenceP Value
Age per 10 yr (up to age 75 yr)1.90.453.20.180.70
Age per 10 yr (>75 yr)a−14.80.09
Height per SD4.
BMI per SD1.70.606.7<0.0010.19
eGFR per SD−4.20.20−5.90.0010.66
Family history of ESRD6.10.27
24-h urine protein per doubling, mgb−1.30.465.9<0.001<0.001
Tumor volume per doubling1.10.16
  • Analysis was limited to kidney donors and patients with renal tumor with at least two GSG profiles to analyze. SD: 9.6 cm for height, 5.3 kg/m2 for body mass index (BMI), and 19.5 ml/min for eGFR.

  • a Because of those older than 75 years (n=2), analysis was not performed for the donors.

  • b Total N does not add up to 268 or 632 because of missing urine protein data (n=225 for kidney donors, n=439 for patients with renal tumor).