Table 5.

Independent clinical characteristics associated with GSG volume in both kidney donors and patients with renal tumor up to age 75 years

Clinical CharacteristicMultivariable Adjusteda
Kidney Donors and Patients with Renal Tumor (n=567)
% DifferenceP Value
Age per 10 yr (up to age 75 yr)0.00.99
Height per SD−0.10.98
BMI per SD2.60.15
eGFR per SD−6.60.003
Family history of ESRD9.00.17
24-h urine protein per doubling, mgb1.60.17
Patients with renal tumor versus donors17.70.007
  • Analysis was limited to kidney donors and patients with renal tumor with at least two GSG profiles to analyze. The mean SD across both populations was used (9.6 cm for height, 5.3 kg/m2 for body mass index [BMI], 19.5 ml/min for eGFR).

  • a Adjusted for each other characteristic.