Table 2.

Twenty-four-hour urinary excretion rates of electrolytes, creatinine, and albumin in HP and LP groups without and with vitamin D3 at baseline, W6, and W11

Period/GroupNa+K+ClCaPiMgCreatinineAlbumin (mg/24 h)Body Weight (kg)
HP baseline119±855±4106±83.4±0.220.5±2.23.3±0.37.8±1.15.2±2.264.5±5.6
LP baseline117±753±5107±73.3±0.221.9±2.43.2±0.47.6±1.25.3±2.463.7±4.8
HP W6145a±959±697±62.8±0.141.5b±4.13.2±0.27.1±1.03.4±2.365.1±5.8
LP W6149a±852±5139c±83.1±0.314.6±1.83.3±0.27.1±1.25.0±2.564.5±4.4
HP plus D3 W11142a±1059±4102±73.0±0.242.5b±3.43.3±0.36.5±0.94.3±2.664.6±5.1
LP plus D3 W11149a±957±5133c±73.0±0.221.4d±2.93.3±0.26.6±0.92.5±2.464.4±4.5
  • Data are mean±SD, values are millimoles (milliequivalents per 24 h unless indicated otherwise). HP, HP group; LP, LP group; W, week.

  • a P<0.03 compared with own baseline.

  • b P<0.01 for intra- and intergroup comparisons.

  • c P<0.02 compared with own baseline.

  • d P=0.04 for comparison of LP plus D3 to LP without D3.