Table 1.

Patient characteristics, stratified by index age

Patient CharacteristicsAge Group, yr
<65 (n=19,149)65–74 (n=14,839)75–84 (n=27,012)≥85 (n=12,349)
Age, yr57±771±380±388±3
Male, %94989897
Race, %
Married, %45596356
Distance to closest VA facility (miles)43±4548±4648±4546±46
High complexity VA, %79757474
Copayment for VA services, %69848783
ZIP code median income, %
Residence, %
 Large city6788
Comorbidities, %
 Diabetes mellitus46564634
 Ischemic heart disease24465351
 Heart failure15273233
 Peripheral arterial disease9192221
 Cerebrovascular disease7141717
 Chronic pulmonary disease16272827
 Chronic liver disease9322
 Connective tissue disease2223
 Peptic ulcer disease1233
 Metastatic solid tumor1221
Index eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m223±624±625±525±5
Year of index date, %
  • 4% of patients were missing information on race, 0.7% were missing facility complexity, 0.4% were missing copayment, 4% were missing residence, and 2% were missing ZIP code median income. Data are presented as mean ± SEM or as percentages.