Table 1.

Bifactor CFA model factor loadings for the KDQOL-36

ItemGeneral FactorSpecific Factor: Burden of Kidney DiseaseSpecific Factor: Symptoms/Problems of Kidney DiseaseSpecific Factor: Effects of Kidney Disease
My kidney disease interferes too much with my life (i13)0.630.62
Too much time is spent dealing with kidney disease (i14)0.600.68
I feel frustrated dealing with my kidney disease (i15)0.670.48
I feel like a burden on my family (i16)0.610.32
Soreness in your muscles? (i17)0.530.33
Chest pain? (i18)0.460.39
Cramps? (i19)0.400.32
Itchy skin? (i20)0.370.67
Dry skin? (i21)0.410.65
Shortness of breath? (i22)0.470.38
Faintness or dizziness? (i23)0.500.35
Lack of appetite? (i24)0.460.31
Washed out or drained? (i25)0.650.30
Numbness in hands or feet? (i26)0.470.34
Nausea or upset stomach? (i27)0.510.36
Problems with your access/catheter site? (i28)0.410.17
Fluid restriction? (i29)0.570.50
Dietary restriction? (i30)0.610.67
Your ability to work around the house? (i31)0.75−0.01
Your ability to travel? (i32)0.700.07
Being dependent on doctors and other medical staff? (i33)0.750.04
Stress or worries caused by kidney disease? (i34)0.84−0.01
Your sex life? (i35)0.580.02
Your personal appearance? (i36)0.730.02
  • —, item was not set to load on this factor.