Table 4.

KDQOL-36 scale weighted means

ScaleMeanSEM95% Confidence IntervalCronbachTest-Retest Reliability ICC
Original Scoring
 SF-12 PCSa37.80.0437.7 to 37.90.81
 SF-12 MCSa50.90.0450.8 to 51.00.63
 KSS73.00.0772.9 to 73.10.910.88
 KDQOL-36 Burden of Kidney Disease52.80.1252.6 to 53.10.850.80
 KDQOL-36 Symptoms/Problems of Kidney Disease79.00.0778.9 to 79.20.830.89
 KDQOL-36 Effects of Kidney Disease74.10.0974.0 to 74.30.850.82
 KSS50.20.0450.1 to 50.2
 KDQOL-36 Burden of Kidney Disease50.20.0450.1 to 50.3
 KDQOL-36 Symptoms/Problems of Kidney Disease50.10.0450.0 to 50.2
 KDQOL-36 Effects of Kidney Disease50.10.0450.0 to 50.2
  • ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; —, not estimated.

  • a Scored on T-score metric with mean of 50 and SD of 10 in United States general population.