Table 3.

Differences in kidney and liver volumes when measured using manually traced or automated segmentation

OrganDifferences in Volume (Manual Versus Automated Measurement)
Volumes (ml)Absolute (ml)Percentage (%)Accuracy (%)
AutomatedManualBiasPrecisionP ValueBiasPrecisionP ValueP5P10
Left kidney1220±8391223±846−2.942.50.80−
Right kidney1168±7611168±7710.140.40.300.23.50.508599
Total kidney2388±15692390±1585−2.870.70.800.02.80.9089100
  • Values are given as mean ± SD. P values are calculated using a paired Wilcoxon signed rank test for absolute differences; for percentage differences, a one-sample t test was used. P5 and P10 represent the percentages of measurements within 5% and 10% of each other, respectively.