Table 3.

Glomerular conditions among confirmed cases (true positives) on the basis of records reviewed

 Minimal change6919.3
  Minimal change60
  Minimal change with mesangial proliferation/ hypercellularity9
 Lupus nephritis5314.9
 IgA nephropathy4813.5
 Membranoproliferative GN/C3 glomerulopathy329.0
 Henoch–Schönlein purpura nephritis174.8
 Membranous nephropathy123.4
 Post-infectious GN113.1
 Pauci-immune GN72.0
 Alport syndrome61.7
 Thin basement membrane disease41.1
 Antiglomerular basement membrane disease41.1
 Diffuse mesangial sclerosis30.8
No biopsy
 Nephrotic syndrome12944.2
 Post-infectious GN7124.3
  Henoch–Schönlein purpura nephritis3411.6
 IgA nephropathy175.8
 Lupus nephritis175.8
 Alport syndrome103.4
 Thin basement membrane disease20.7