Table 6.

HRs and 95% CIs for 1-yr mortality, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, calciphylaxis, and GI bleeding by race/ethnicity among the incident HD population with AF, 2006–2013

Race/EthnicityaMortalityIschemic StrokeHemorrhagic StrokeCalciphylaxisGI Bleeding
aHR95% CIaHR95% CIaHR95% CIaHR95% CIaHR95% CI
Non-Hispanic white (ref.)
Black1.010.98 to 1.051.391.11 to 1.741.211.07 to 1.350.910.75 to to 1.61
Hispanic1.010.96 to 1.061.801.36 to 2.381.080.91 to 1.270.720.49 to to 1.24
Asian0.890.76 to 1.042.371.67 to 3.360.940.74 to 1.200.680.32 to 1.110.960.75 to 1.30
Other1.000.85 to to 4.531.360.95 to 1.960.800.37 to 1.431.450.96 to 2.02
  • Models adjusted for age, sex, vintage, baseline dual eligibility, residential area, median income, baseline comorbidities, baseline medications, and baseline CVD procedures. aHR, adjusted hazard ratio; ref., reference.

  • a Employed a competing-risks Cox model.