Table 2.

Clinical management and outcomes of kidney transplant recipients with COVID-19

Clinical Management and OutcomesAll Patients, n=15 (%)
Change in immunosuppression
 Discontinued only MMF/MPA/AZA/leflunomide10/14 (71)
 Prednisone decreased1/10 (10)
 Belatacept infusion postponed1/2 (50)
 Discontinued all immunosuppression2 (14)
 Replaced tacrolimus and MMF with prednisone1 (7)
 No change1 (7)
Anti–COVID-19 therapies
 Hydroxychloroquine without azithromycin4 (27)
 Hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin9 (60)
 Tocilizumab1 (7)
 AKI6 (40)
 Intubation required4 (27)
 Days between admission and intubation (n=4)5 (range, 0–9)
Hospitalization disposition
 Died2 (13)
 Discharged8 (53)
 Days between admission and discharge (n=8)4.5 (range, 0–9)
 Hospitalization ongoing6 (40)
 Days between admission and end of follow-up (n=6)7 (range, 3–11)
  • Data are displayed as n (%) or median (range). COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; MPA, mycophenolic acid; AZA, azathioprine.