Table 3.

Detailed description of individual cases, including individual cases and select laboratory tests at admission

CaseAge, yrSexMonths since TransplantPresenting SymptomsSymptom Duration before AdmissionInitial Chest X-Ray FindingsWBC Count, ×1000/ulAbsolute Lymphocyte CountFerritin, ng/mLLDH, U/LProcalcitonin, ng/mLESR, mm/hrCRP, mg/LIL-6, pg/mL
170M60Fever, cough, fatigue2–3 wkNo acute findings4.85001554090.341610089.5
264M232Fever, cough, fatigue4 dBilateral mid and lower lung reticular opacities and hazy bibasilar opacities
328M42Fever, cough, myalgia1 dBilateral haziness and patchy opacities (left greater than right)11.786018719317.0560173<5
451M118Fever, cough9 dBilateral multifocal patchy opacities2.837015142310.8664129120
532F14Fever, dyspnea, diarrheaSame dayRight lower lobe hazy opacity5.711601733380.262713413
621M46Fever, fatigue, diarrhea4 d
736M38Fever, myalgia2 dLeft lower lobe opacities3.48508791130.1575118
872F49Fever, cough, dyspnea2–3 dNo acute findings3.67900.080
951F9Fever, cough1 dDiffuse multifocal opacities3.81107604503.6605551
1076M136Fever, diarrhea1 dNo acute findings8.1810932050.13386120
1161M0Fever, cough1 dNo acute findings3.6196341918.694313034
1222M34Fever, exertional dyspnea2 dNo acute findings2.12308212313.933110416
1378M117Exertional dyspnea, malaise1 wkBilateral patchy opacities5.78604533180.463820810
1472F120Fever, cough, hemoptysis3–4 dDiffuse interstitial airspace opacities with upper lobe predominance5.514104673300.14507432
1525F80Cough, diarrhea, emesis1 wkBilateral hazy opacities12.73904762240.62522325
  • WBC, white blood cell; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP, c-reactive protein; M, male; F, female.