Table 2.

Results of hemodynamic measurements and fitted Windkessel parameters: baseline versus hyperemia

ParameterBaseline, MeanSDHyperemia, MeanSDDifferencea/RatiobL95U95P Value
Mean renal perfusion pressure, mm Hg104.014.395.714.9−8.3a−11.6−5.0<0.001
Flow velocity, cm/s33.812.464.325.51.88b1.682.11<0.001
Glomerular pressure, mm Hg48.−13.1a−16.3−10.0<0.001
Afferent resistance, mm Hg/(cm/s)1.860.751.070.500.57b0.490.65<0.001
Efferent resistance, mm Hg/(cm/s)1.630.720.650.330.38b0.320.44<0.001
Characteristic impedance, mm Hg/(cm/s)0.760.470.540.210.80b0.641.010.07
Compliance, cm/mm Hg0.0890.0750.2150.1172.66b1.793.94<0.001
  • L95, lower number of the 95% confidence interval; U95, upper number of the 95% confidence interval.

  • a Denotes difference.

  • b Denotes ratio, for which geometric mean and SD are given.