Table 3.

Kidney pathology findings in COVID-19 and AKI

Patient No.Main Pathology FindingGlomeruli (Total/Globally Sclerosed)IFTA, %AASElectron Microscopy
1ATN and FSGS/healed collapse29/430SevereModerate segmental effacement of podocyte foot processes
2ATN with myoglobin cast nephropathy2/120ModerateNo significant findings
3ATN3/115SevereNo significant findings
4ATN8/315MildNo significant findings
5ATN and early nodular GS31/920ModerateMesangial expansion, thick GBMs
6ATN and TMA1/0MildModerateFibrin thrombi, subendothelial widening, endothelial injury
7Cortical necrosis and TMA22/010SevereFibrin thrombi, subendothelial widening, endothelial injury
8Crescentic GN and ATN9/010MildSubendothelial widening, endothelial injury
9ATN on advanced chronic changes17/1250SevereThin GBMs (221 nm)
10ATN on advanced chronic changes14/1050ModerateSubendothelial widening, endothelial injury
  • IFTA, interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy; AAS, arterial and arteriolar sclerosis; GS, glomerulosclerosis; GBM, glomerular basement membrane.