Table 3.

Renal autopsy findings

Renal Autopsy FindingsNo. of Patients
PMI, h; median, 21.8 ha
Degree of tissue autolysis
 Absent to mild23
 Severe/near complete14
  0%–25% of glomeruli34
  26%–50% of glomeruli6
  >50% of glomeruli2
 Diagnosis of glomerular disease
  Diabetic glomerulosclerosis7b
  Fibrin thrombi (<5% of glomeruli)4c
  Collapsing FSGS1
  Idiopathic nodular GS1
  No glomerular diagnosis29
Tubules, interstitium, and blood vessels
  Moderate or severe7
  Cannot assess due to autolysis11
  0%–25% of cortex36
  26%–50% of cortex4
  >50% of cortex2
 Fibrin thrombi in arteries or arterioles
  • GS, glomerulosclerosis.

  • a PMI ranged from 2.5 to 186 h.

  • b Diabetic glomerulosclerosis was accompanied by fibrin thrombi in one autopsy.

  • c Fibrin thrombi were identified in six autopsies in glomeruli (n=3), blood vessels (n=2), and glomeruli and blood vessels (n=1).