Table 6.

Light microscopic pathologic findings of kidney tissues from ten deceased patients critically ill with COVID-19 and AKI

PatientSex/AgePMHBaseline sCr (μmol/L)Peak sCr (μmol/L)Disease Course (d)Glomerular ChangesTubulointerstitial ChangesVascular Changes
1M/62HTNN/A42733Endothelial swollenCV, focal TA and IF, crystallization casts, inflammatory cells infiltrationIntimal hyperplasia
2M/82DM11513614NRCV, focal ATINR
3M/627322029NRCV, focal ATIIntimal hyperplasia
4M/78HTN9319730Focal ischemic sclerosisCV, focal TA and IFIntimal hyperplasia, hyalinosis
5M/73HTN, HBV7014724NRCV, focal TA and IF, focal ATIIntimal hyperplasia, venous thrombosis
6M/59HTN4813939HypertrophyCV, focal ATIIntimal hyperplasia, hyalinosis
7M/86HTN, CAD8219545NRCV, focal ATIIntimal hyperplasia, hyalinosis
8M/666812148Focal ischemic sclerosisCV, focal ATI, focal TA and IFIntimal hyperplasia, hyalinosis
9F/573212836NRCV, focal ATINR
10F/66DM8012535NRCV, focal ATINR
  • M, male; PMH, past medical history; HTN, hypertension; DM, diabetes Mellitus; CAD, coronary artery disease; HBV, Hepatitis B virus infection; N/A, not available; CV, cytoplasmic vacuolization; TA, tubular atrophy, IF, interstitial fibrosis; NR, nonremarkable; ATI, acute tubular injuries; F, female.