Table 1.

Summary of histopathologic findings

Patient No.Tubules Involved by ATN, %Level of AutolysisOther FindingsGlomeruli (Total/Globally Sclerosed)Glomerular PathologyIFTA, %AAS
1<5MildRare muddy casts19/1None10Moderate
450NoneFocal THP in interstitium22/2Mild hypoperfusion20Severe
510ModerateRare muddy casts30/0None5None
650NoneMild AIN, focal THP in interstitium17/2Mild ME10Severe
750ModerateFocal brown pigment: negative Fe stain16/4Early nodular GS25Severe
810ModerateFocal brown pigment: negative Fe stain38/8None15Severe
10<5MildRare tubules with PRG33/1None5Moderate
11<5ModerateNone18/0GH, mild ME5Moderate
1210ModerateMuddy casts39/8None15Moderate
  • ATN, acute tubular necrosis; IFTA, interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy; AAS, arterial and arteriolar sclerosis; THP, Tamm–Horsfall protein; AIN, acute interstitial nephritis; ME, mesangial expansion; Fe, iron; GS, glomerulosclerosis; PRG, protein reabsorption granule; GH, glomerular hypertrophy.