Table 1.

Characteristics of random sample of cohort members selected for chart review by presence of hospice mention

CharacteristicsNo Hospice Mention (n=660)Hospice Mention (n=340)P Value
Measures ascertained at cohort entry
 Mean age (SD)70.1 (12.5)74.3 (11.7)<0.001
 Black, %
 Female, %
 Maintenance dialysis, %2012.4<0.001
 Diabetes, %63.360.90.45
 Congestive heart failure, %40.947.40.05
 Cancer, %15.329.4<0.001
 Dementia, %
 Peripheral arterial disease, %25.829.10.26
 Cerebrovascular disease, %
Measures ascertained during follow-up
 Died, %79.494.1<0.001
 Note title(s) pertaining to palliative care, %4.458.5<0.001
 Note title(s) pertaining to advance directives and/or advance care planning, %4570.6<0.001
 Note title(s) pertaining to home care, %29.456.2<0.001