Table 3.

Association of worsening perceptions of professional and personal factors with distress (RWBI score ≥5) among nephrology fellows and recent graduates

FactorNORa95% CIP value
Nephrology education
 Knowledge base4113.042.00 to 4.77<0.001b
 Board certification preparation4102.171.54 to 3.12<0.001b
 Variety/breadth of clinical experiences4111.110.80 to 1.550.54
 Ability to complete/advance research4111.230.91 to 1.680.18
 Program successfully sustaining education during pandemic3922.031.53 to 2.72<0.001b
Career preparation
 Focusing career trajectory4112.021.42 to 2.93<0.001b
 Job search location3561.561.07 to 2.280.020
 Job search setting3551.370.91 to 2.070.13
 First postfellowship job selection1291.890.98 to 3.670.057
 Preparedness for unsupervised practice4121.681.15 to 2.510.010
Professional relationships
 Sense of community within training program4091.220.91 to 1.640.19
 Relationships with mentors4091.090.79 to 1.520.60
Personal life experiences
 Relationships with family4112.341.64 to 3.42<0.001b
 Relationships with friends4121.971.39 to 2.87<0.001b
 Work-life balance4123.162.18 to 4.71<0.001b
 Overall quality of life4123.472.29 to 5.46<0.001b
  • N, number of complete responses.

  • a Logistic regression.

  • b P<0.01.