Table 3.

Risk factors for time to first cardiac event in diabetic patients by cox regression analysis adjusted for each other at baseline

HR95% CIP-value
Age of randomization, years1.0231.0041.0420.018
Gender, male1.2150.8691.6970.254
LDL-C at baseline, mmol/L1.0320.8691.2250.718
Baseline body mass index, kg/m20.9980.9691.0280.883
Current smoker, yes1.1870.7631.8470.447
hsCRP at baseline, mg/L1.1901.0531.3450.005
Albumin at baseline, g/L0.9650.9221.0090.114
Duration of dialysis at baseline, years0.9580.8871.0350.280
Baseline systolic blood pressure, mmHg0.9970.9911.0030.312