Table 1.

Acute humoral rejection in patents with renal allograftsa

PatientDonor SourceCirculating Antibodies to DonorBiopsy No.bPTC PMNPTC IgMPTC C3PTC C4dGraft SurvivalbCreatinine (mg/dl) at 1 yr
T CellsB Cells
aPTC, peritubular capillaries; PMN, polymorphonuclear leukocytes; ND, not determined; CD, cadaveric kidney. The number after CD indicates the number of renal allografts the patient has received.
bThe number in parentheses indicates days posttransplantation.
cPatient was presensitized at time of transplantation.
dThis patient's original disease was hereditary nephritis. His clinical course was complicated by the presence of anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies in the kidney.
eDetermined by flow cytometry.
fGraft has survived the first 6 wk. Patients 5 through 10 were treated with a rescue protocol combining tacrolimus with mycophenolate and/or plasma exchange (10).
1CD1:4>1:81 (5)2+--2 to 3+Failed (8)
2CD>1:8>1:81 (8)3++-4+Survived1.6
3CD, 3NDND2 (17)2+--1 to 2+Failed (180)
>1:8>1:83 (33)2+--2+
4cCD, 21:32Negative1 (6)2+-+3+Failed (23)
1:16ND2 (12)2+-+/-3+
5Daughter1:32>1:81 (7)2+--4+Survived
1:16ND2 (34)3+--4+1.8
6CD>1:81:42 (26)2+--4+Survived1.2
7CD1:1281:41 (14)2+-+4+Survived
>1:5121:642 (21)3+--4+1.1
8CD, 3Negative>1:81 (7)1 to 2+--4+Survived1.3
9dCD, 3PositiveePositivee1 (3)3+++4+Failed (10)
10MotherNegative1:2561 (6)3+++4+Survivedf
1:21:1282 (17)3+-+3+
Weak1:163 (24)2 to 3+-+2 to 3+3.1