Table 1.

Staining pattern of immortalized human MCa

Antigenic MarkerStaining Pattern of Immortalized Human MCTypically Positive in Glomerular Cellsb
aMC, mesangial cells.
bAccording to reference 14.
Smooth muscle actinPositiveMesangial cells
FibronectinPositive (mainly cytoplasm)Mesangial cells (cytoplasm), fibroblasts (nucleus)
β1 integrin α1 chainPositive (strong)Mesangial cells (strong), endothelial cells (weak), podocytes (weak)
β1 integrin α5 chainPositiveMesangial cells, endothelial cells
RCA I (Ricinus communis) lectinPositiveMesangial cells
Cytokeratin 18 and 19NegativeEpithelial cells
Factor VIIINegativeEndothelial cells